The Honu is a Family and Veteran owned restaurant.  Most of our dishes can be made vegetarian or vegan – Just Ask!

Beer, Wine and Specialty Sake

We proudly serve 100% Kona Coffee and Kangen Alkaline Water – ask your server for info!

paw Ask about our doggie dinning menu.  It’s Renni and Chloeee tested! paw

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    • Pupus (Appetizers)

    • Guacamole and Chips


    • Poke


      marinated ahi tuna, green onion, sesame seeds, sushi rice (GF)
    • Musubi


      sautéed Spam (yes we said SPAM), sushi rice in seaweed wrap

    • Edamame


      spiced housemade chili oil & Hawaiian sea salt (GF)

    • Veggie Nachos

      Blue corn tortillas topped with a generous helping of fresh in season veggies, loads of melted cheese, our house made fresh salsa & cilantro lime sauce (GF)
      Add agave pork, shredded steak, or chicken

    • Island Favorites

    • Plate Lunch

      Chef's choice of daily creations

    • Loco Moco

      Fresh spinach, sushi rice, turkey burger, tomatoes & poached egg topped with a fresh spinach and garlic cream sauce $13.99 (GF)

    • Kilauea

      Mountain of black rice, char siu pork, red pepper & carrot lava flow, black sesame seeds on greens $13.99 (like it spicy? - ask for the pele sauce add $0.60) (GF)

    • Humunukunukuapuaa (just kidding) Fish of the Day

      Mahi Mahi grilled & topped with choice of salsa,  purple potato & veg of the day $13.99 (GF)

    • Between Two Pieces

      All of our rolls are made fresh in house every day! All sandwiches served with choice of one side

    • Egg Sandwich

      House made English muffin, egg your way, bacon, cheddar/ jack cheese,  cream cheese, sliced  jalapenos $6.99

    • "Paniolo" Cowboy Steak Burger

      "Paniolo" Cowboy Steak Burger

      Fresh ground in house chuck, sharp cheddar, romaine lettuce, thick cut tomato on a brioche bun topped with horsey sauce $8.49

    • White Bean and Olive Burger

      White bean, sage & kalamata olive burger serve on fresh spinach topped with red onion and served with a side of creamy red pepper sauce (no bun) GF & Vegan $7.49

    • Huli Huli Chicken

      Huli Huli Chicken

      Hawaiian roll, marinated chicken breast, sauteed onion, romaine lettuce, yellow tomato & jalapeno citrus aioli $8.99

    • Sides

    • Veg of the Day


    • Potato Mac Salad (GF)


    • Steak or Sweet Potato Fries


    • Slaw of the Day


    • Soup

      Special ~ Created Daily ~

    • Coconut Lime

      Coconut Lime

      sushi rice, shitake mushrooms (GF + Vegan)

    • Salads

      All served on a bed of greens that change daily with fresh availability. Housemade Dressings : Honey Orange Vinaigrette ~ Ginger Pineapple ~ Cilantro Lime ~ Fruit Vinaigrette $0.60

    • Charlie Salad

      DOS TACOS turned into a salad, feta cheese, salsa, pepper pico (spicy), cilantro lime sauce.  Choice of protein: chicken steak, pork, shrimp, or veg

    • Big Island

      Big Island

      chunks of seasonal citrus, Applewood bacon, heirloom tomatoes, baked chicken, macadamia nuts & ginger pineapple dressing (GF)

    • Goat Cheese and Beet

      Goat Cheese and Beet

      arugula sprinkled with Pistachio pieces & drizzled with our house made honey orange vinaigrette (GF)

    • Charlie's Favorites


    • Breakfast Tacos

      2 flour tortillas, scrambled eggs, bacon, cheddar cheese, fresh salsa & pepper pico $4.99
      Add agave pork, slow cooked steak or chicken $2.99

    • Quinoa Bowl

      Quinoa, beans, your choice of protein and toppings (GF) $9.99
      Proteins - chicken, agave pork, steak, veggie or egg your way
      Toppings - spring mix, feta cheese, fresh salsa, pepper pico (spicy) and cilantro lime sauce
      Add Shrimp or Mahi Mahi $2


      2 soft flour tortillas, choice of proteins and toppings
      Proteins - chicken, agave pork, steak, or veggie $8.49
      Toppings - spring mix, feta cheese, fresh salsa, pepper pico (spicy) and cilantro lime sauce
      Add Shrimp or Mahi Mahi $2

    • Desserts

    • Macadamia Nut Ice Cream


Please let your server know if you have any food allergies when ordering.

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness, especially if you have a medical condition