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The Honu Restaurant, Dunedin Florida

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About Us

HONU means turtle in Hawaiian ~ typically referring to the endangered Green Sea Turtle in Hawaii. Several years back we fell in love and fully appreciated the beauty and majestic turtles that peacefully sleep on the beaches and lava rocks on the Big Island. While swimming and snorkeling the shallow beaches often one will get a big surprise around a corner when these large forms come into view seemingly swimming one with the currents. We honor these amazing animals at our restaurant and invite you to share in our continuing story that decorates our walls and fills our hearts...

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Our History

A few years back we started a food truck business whose name sake came from an actual turtle that was brought here from Tulum Mexico his name is Charlie Tulum and he still lives on Indian Rocks Beach to this day. At the same time we were rolling around in the truck; we opened a take-out restaurant in Largo, Florida where we decided that a full service restaurant was the direction we wanted to go...

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Meet the Chef

our chef

Chef Kimberly Platt says she realized a few years back she has always been around food in some form or fashion for all of her life. She grew up in Downers Grove, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago and spent her summers in Lawrence, Michigan with her Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, siblings and cousins on the Glista family farm which spread 600+ acres back then. The farm is still a working farm which produces mainly corn and cattle. About 25 years ago she moved to Florida where she jumped head first into the hospitality world on Indian Rocks Beach, where she learned much about front of house restaurant operation and the true beach lifestyle in a tourist town. She survived that experience to come out on the other side, (as they say) with the best friends still till this day; and memories that mostly revolve around food! She moved on to working with her parents and family at their global company RQA where she managed a U.S. and Canadian based field staff of over 10,000 people who assisted in the consumer retrieval and recall process of food and beverage products. She says "back then if you saw a story about a product being recalled for contamination we most likely had a part in the retrieval process."

When the job position of Field Services Manager that Kimberly held was dissolved with sale of that division she had a tough decision to make - what to do next? One of the best and scariest decisions she has had to make. The decision was to go Culinary School. After about a year in school the opportunity to start a food truck business came about so she jumped in and opened Charlie Tulum’s Dos Tacos Food Truck simultaneously with Charlie Tulum’s Taco Shack. The truck still runs today and the Shack was where they decided that a full service restaurant was the direction we wanted to go and thus bought the property at 516 Grant Street in Dunedin in September of 2014. Sadly she closed the doors at the funky little Taco Shack and moved all of our equipment and dreams to Dunedin! She graduated with honors from the Art Institute of Tampa with an Associates Degree in Culinary Arts in June of 2014 and has been working on the opening of The HONU ever since. Today she resides in Palm Harbor with her wife; Lisa, who is her love and inspiration and their two puppies, Renni Patrick and Chloeee Consuela.